Touchterm 5.9 Source

I got a request for this, so I will be posting sources for more programs soon. This is Touchterm 5.9’s basic source. Use blitz! to re-compile once you edit it. (If you choose to edit it). The good thing is this term is stable at 2400 baud. It was the basis for my old Striketerm 2012. I moved on to hacking Novaterm 9.6c for Striketerm 2013 and beyond.

A lot of this code can be optimized even more.

Download the .d64 here

One thought on “Touchterm 5.9 Source

  1. Sweet, taking a look thru it now. I always wanted to see the source to Touchterm, I did try un-blitzing it but it always resulted in the end of the source being garbled crap..
    Thank you for sharing it.

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