CMBBS 6.0 Source Code and More

Here’s something fun, CMBBS 6.0 (hereby referred to as 6.1 for the sake of the mods i did). Fully compatible with Strikelink and BBS Server. So, if you’ve always wanted to run CMBBS, like i used to want to back in the day, here’s your chance to run a quality 1200 baud bbs on a real c64. Remember this BBS only goes to 1200 baud, so set your strikelink and bbs server software accordingly.

BBS Server settings:

Connecting menu – Set “Send Ring to BBS”

Disconnecting menu – Set “Disconnect if +++ath’

When doing the configuration before loading the bbs, select hayes, select 300/1200 baud,select h/s detect. The bbs now actually runs only at 1200 baud, but choosing these options will guarantee it works.

Some notes on functionality. System overall works fine. Will drop carrier in 60 seconds if idle or if user disconnects in the midst of a session. About half the time the system will notice disconnections. Often it will not. So, the 60 second timeout is a sort of failsafe towards bad dropped calls.

Sysop commands can be found using the bad command from the main menu while logged in. This lets remote sysop functionality work as well. ‘bad’ stands for backdoor, so there ya go. User level 10 can only access this.

I added a % command for the one liner. it’s not in the menus. Thats a new mod i did for the system.

I added a ‘graphic of the month’ of sorts file. * from the main menu displays a seq file called ‘graphic’. You’ll have to create that to use it.

‘W’ is sysop notes, for only the sysop to see. The file is a sequential file called ‘list’. Just basically something for the sysop to use for himself if he wants to.

Punter does not work. I have tried numerous things to fix it, it just doesn’t work. If anyone can fix this, that would be great, considering this bbs system only has punter, and no xmodem capability.

The source file is blitzed. Just re-blitz the source file and the boot program will load ‘c/cmbbs’. Yes, I posted the source!! Have fun seeing the hidden features.

Access level .5 is restricted, and access level .1 is blocked. 9 is co-sysop. (they can scratch / edit files and posts). 10 is sysop.

I removed the printer functionality.

Again, if anyone could solve the punter bug, that would rule. Enjoy!

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