Striketerm 2014 Final

Final version (for now) of Striketerm. All known bugs have been fixed. Please feel free to reach me if you find more. The 2015 edition is now in development. Though I’m not sure which, if any useful features, could be added. Enjoy!



9 thoughts on “Striketerm 2014 Final

  1. thanks for this great terminal program.
    I believe I found a bug related to rs232 handshaking. It seems that the setting software enables the CTS/RTS (which is hardware handshanking) and the setting hardware enables the xon/xoff handshaking.
    Is there any chance you could take a look?
    thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the awesome terminal program! It’s the perfect hybrid of Novaterm and CCGMS in one.

    I’ve been experimenting with UP9600 on a EZ-232 by Jim Brain with StrikeTerm 2014 Final. To get reliable results, I know that I have to use flow control. And I’ve finally got that working now but it seems I have to select “Software” flow control and not “Hardware” in StrikeTerm.

    In testing, I’ve connected my Mac to the C64 via USB and run CoolTerm. In the settings, I have to choose “DTR” for flow control (and not CTS or XON) to get it to send to the C64 properly.

    I thought “hardware” flow control was DTR/CTS and “software” flow control was XON/XOFF? Which side is correct?

    Thanks in advance.

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  4. Hey guys, I can confirm that the software and hardware handshaking are the opposite way around in this version of striketerm. I built a modified up9600 adapter that uses hardware handshaking so I enable rts/cts on tcpser, and select xon/xoff in striketerm (instead of rts/cts). God bless! Joe.

  5. Hello,
    I managed to use striketerm to connect to a bbs, however I receive the color as text, such as: [40M[1;31M[[40M[1;33M0[40M[1;31M][40
    M[1;30M….[40M[1;36MeND cALL[40M[1;37M

    I tried using Commodore-Key + 0 to switch to graphics mode but, it doesn’t do anything… I don’t know how to proceed

    • The BBS thinks you’re in ANSI mode, which is a different mode than Commodore Petscii-C/G mode. Make sure the term type in Striketerm is Commodore, and when you call the bbs and it asks you to hit delete, hit the inst/del key on the upper right of your commodore keyboard.

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