Hybrid 2400 Emulation . Using Mac Vice with a Pi Modem Emulator

A reader named Mike sent this in. He wanted to use his Raspberry Pi as the modem emulator, and his Mac with Vice to call BBSes. Here’s the working combo he came up with:

1. Install tcpser on my Raspberry Pi.
2. Run tcpser with this command line:
tcpser -v 25232 -p 6400 -tSs -l 7 -i “k0” -s 2400 -N “/tmp/noanswer.txt” -B “/tmp/busy.txt”
3. In Mac VICE, alter these:
:: Peripherals: Cartridges: ACIA disabled (uncertain if needed)
:: Peripherals: Cartridges: Userport RS232: Baud Rate 2400 / Enabled/ Device 4
:: Peripherals: RS232: Device 4: |nc IP.to.Pi.xx 25232

8 thoughts on “Hybrid 2400 Emulation . Using Mac Vice with a Pi Modem Emulator

    • Cause, as i experienced yesterday, getting a mac to work with tcpser4j is near impossible. I hate macs, and the 12 hours yesterday i wasted trying to get it to work on a mac doesn’t compare to the 15 minutes i spent today getting tcpser to run on the pi

      • I used a version of tcpser a few years ago, and it worked fine with vice, and telnetting in and out of the machine. Back then I didnt try the jave version, but the nativ unix version. I just compiled it again under my current Mac OS X (10.9 mavericks), and it seems to work, although I hardly tested it. If you like give it a try.


  1. Alwyz mentioned he was using Tiger. Would the Mavericks binary even work with Tiger? Csibit, could you post an article with steps to compile tcpser on Mac? I have had issues trying to compile software on Mavericks and would be very interested in learning how it’s done.

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