Wednesday Night Q-Link Hangout

Eightbitswide has announced the start of a new Q-Link Hangout, Wednesdays at 8PM EST.  Users can connect to Q-link with Jasmaz’s Q-Link server at

When: Wednesday Nights, 8PM EST
Where: Q-Link, People Connection, Lobby (first room you enter when loading People Connection).
Who and What: C64 Freaks and Geeks, talking about whatever we want.
Why: Just Because!

Download a client disk from

First time connection setup:

Set up your modem to 1200 baud.  Load the Q-link disk, and go to the initial setup. Set up the modem to “other command driven modems”, phone # is +5551212. Make sure modem is set to 1200 Baud. Then continue to load Q-link.

When Q-link is loaded, a black screen with green border will ask you to type your commands. Dial q-link with

Then, when the connection is made, press F1.

Strikelink WiFi users:

Load CCGMS 2017, change baud with


follow that up with disabling flow control if needed


Then write your settings with


Restart your C64, and load Q-link.


16 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Q-Link Hangout

      • As I mentioned before anywhere else: 8pm EAST is 2am here. Too early for weekdays.

        What about weekends? 2pm EAST saturday?

    • You can all ways have someone else in that EU time zone start another one during there time frame… and that would fix that issue.

  1. Well, was hoping to join you guys, but I have been trying to run my QuantumLink.d64 from a SD2IEC device and it keeps running in to an error. I loaded FB (filebrowser) first and select the QuantumLink.d64. It shows a number of files, but I select Quantum file – that usually does nothing.. goes back to dir with files, so I try the BOOT64 file and then it goes to a completely red screen, then tells me it can not find the program and to put it in the disk drive (loops at this point). Saddly I can load it fine from Vice on Linux and not on the SD2IEC device on my real C64c. Is there a QuantumLink.d64 file that is just a zip of the files from the d64 file? I was hoping to see if I could load it straight from a small SD card, but I only can find the .d64 file. Any insight in to this would be great. Thanks.

    • Did you try the Qlink patcher 1.3 (also on this site). You have to use a .d64 image, it wont work otherwise, but the program needs to be patched on the sd2iec card to run on the sd2iec. Load the patcher off the sd2iec, then before running, switch to the .d64 image and run the patcher program. F1 will patch it for sd2iec.

      • Ah! Well thanks. I will test it out and see if I can get it running before next Wednesday. Thanks again.

  2. nevermind, i figured it out. But now my problem, is how to i retrieve my username. I didnt save a copy of my validated disk?

  3. I was able to ping and connect to the port 5190 via telnet late last night after Q-link client failed to. Tracked down the problem but the server now seems to be down. Qlink, ping, telnet all do not reach it it since then. Is is my end or is the server down?

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