On hiatus

For the time being I am ceasing all C64 related activities. Afterlife BBS is down. Appreciate all the great friendships I’ve made and contributions I’ve been able to give to the C64 BBS Community over the past several years. I will be back at some point. Thanks for all your support.

8 thoughts on “On hiatus

    • I appreciate it. I am going on tour for a few months, and dealing with a lot of family-related heaviness since my mom passed away. It’s just time to simplify my life a bit. After my tour I will reassess things. I appreciate it, i really do. All i ever wanted was to contribute something to the C64 community. I’m glad I’ve done that. Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to contribute more.

  1. Please get back as soon as you can – with more and more Ultimate 64 boards with built-in wifi and Ethernet hitting the market, and with the Mega65 (with similar hardware onboard), the C64/65/128 online community had the potential to really flourish!

  2. Hey just saw the update. Sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom. Nothing gets more personal than that. Enjoy your break and we look forward to seeing you again in the future. Take care!

  3. Hi Alwyz, I wanted to thank you because it is thanks to your wifi modem and ccgms ultimate if today many people connect to a BBS via the c64. I hope your tour goes well and that you will soon reopen afterlife.
    I haven’t posted many messages in your BBS but it has always been a pleasure to connect to afterlife. I learned a lot of things.
    I’m sorry for your loss, the mom is always the mom!
    Good luck

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