CCGMS 2020 Released!

The latest version is here! This is a massively re-written and extensively tested version. No new features, but tons of improvements and optimizations under the hood:

  • All modem drivers re-written to work the way they are supposed to! (I learned a lot since 2017)
  • Punter and X-modem now incorporate flow control, speeding up transfers and minimizing errors
  • Added “99” counter to phonebook for busy board re-dials
  • Improved F2 file send / F4 buffer send routine. Faster and more reliable.
  • Saved 10 blocks! More room for buffer captures!
  • Ultimate driver has been removed, as Ultimate devices now have Swiftlink emulation with latest firmware update.

As always, Easyflash cartridge version with save/load phonebook from cart option available

To set up your Ultimate for Swiftlink emulation:

– ACIA / Swiftlink on.
– DE00/NMI
– CTS Active (low)
– Command interface off if you want to use the 64k REU Buffer. (looks like there may be conflicts)
– Cartridges off (Swiftlink uses DE00 cartridge area)
– In CCGMS 2020, Set modem to Swift / Turbo DE, and baud rate to 38400.

What isn’t here:

  • RR-Net. If someone wants to get me an RR-Net driver in 64tass format, I’ll take a look at adding this.
  • IDE64 Compatibility. We are actively working on this, and hope to have an IDE64 fixed version available.
  • 80 Column Emulation. No plans for this at this time.
  • Protocols for X-Modem-1k / Y-Modem / Z-Modem / H-Modem. No plans for these at this time.

Get it here:


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