Connecting to C= BBSes

Terminals are “clients” that allow you to connect with BBS systems. Internet BBS systems use telnet ip addresses instead of phone numbers. So, back in the day we’d dial 1-555-555-1212, nowadays we dial for instance 55.12.1212.555.




Six developed this very nice terminal for the pc, he’s developing other platforms including Android right now


MagerValp wrote this C=64 Terminal for Windows/MAC. The official website for CGTerm 1.6 is here. Development has ceased for this project, so if there’s any bugs, you’ll have to wait for the newest CBMTerm by Six.


  • Open source – runs on Windows, MacOS X, and unix compatibles.
  • Full C64 screen and keyboard emulation.
  • File download with Xmodem, Xmodem/CRC, Xmodem-1k, and Punter protocols.
  • Screen capture to SEQ file, and SEQ file playback.
  • Keyboard macros.
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • and more…

New in 1.6

  • 80 column mode
  • Fullscreen toggle for all platforms
  • Optimized screen save
  • File upload with Xmodem, Xmodem/CRC, and Xmodem-1k
  • Address book
  • Read/write to d64/d71/d81 (broken, see below)
  • File drop box
  • Sound toggle
  • Config file is created if none exists
  • Scrollback buffer
  • X-modem padding is stripped and added correctly
  • Added chat client

Known bugs

Known bugs in CGTerm 1.6.

  • Unix users might get a complaint about a missing keyboard.kbd file the first time they start the program. Simply restart and the warning should be gone (but you still have to configure the keyboard as described in the documentation).
  • Disk image routines are broken in 1.6, specifically directory and BAM code doesn’t work correctly. d64 should be safe to use, but don’t use d71 and d81 images.

Download from my mirror:

CG Term 1.6 for Windows

CG Term 1.6 for Mac

CG Term 1.6 source code


The easiest way to connect to Internet BBS’ with Windows is to grab this .zip file here, which contains a modded version of WinVice 1.19 (the last version of Vice to work with this setup), tcpser and all the addition .d64 files you’ll need to connect to BBS systems. I recommend you run this version of Vice separately from other versions, and use this just for your BBSing.

Grab the .zip file here. Extract to your C: drive. It will create a folder called c64internet. Inside that folder is the tcpser and x64.exe file you need to run.


Go to start/run and type (or copy/paste) this in:

c:\c64internet\tcpser.exe -v 25232 -s 2400 -p 6400 -l 4

This will set up an ip232 port at 25232, report speeds as 2400bps, and listen for connections on port 6400. It also sets up level 4 logging, which is helpful for monitoring the current status.

The following parameters should be all set in your Vice configuration included with this download, but double check them.

Start up the modified version of VICE by running the x64.exe file in the c64internet directory, and configure RS232 device 1 with the ip address and ip232 port of the system running tcpser. For example, if you are running tcpser on your local system and its IP address is, then you would use (this is why you ran tcpser using -v 25232). On my system, localhost is so i use that instead. In WinVICE, you access these via Settings -> RS232 settings… is pre-configured in this setup. If it doesn’t work, try the alternate settings

In VICE, enable the ACIA device and configure it to use RS232 device 1. The default recommended ACIA interrupt mode is NMI. In WinVICE, you access this via Settings -> Cartridge I/O settings -> ACIA settings…

Save your VICE configuration, and then reset the emulator for good measure.

Grab the latest version of Striketerm 2013 from this site.

It is pre-configured to work with WinVice.

If you wish to run Striketerm in WinVice at 9600 baud, then use this command to launch tcpser instead:

c:\c64internet\tcpser.exe -v 25232 -s 9600 -p 6400 -l 4

And select 9600 baud in Striketerm 2013. That’s it!


Using the latest version of Striketerm 2013, you will be able to connect to any BBS you like. I am currently testing with the Comet and beta 3 offers Comet support. Just make sure your comet is set to 2400 baud first.

Using StrikeLink or a TTL/Serial Adapter/swiftlink/turbo232/ez232 (to use your PC as a virtual hayes modem)

Download the latest version of BBS Server from Leif Bloomquist’s site by clicking here

Make sure your com port settings on your pc are set to 2400 baud.  Plug in your strikelink  (or other 232/ttl device) and connect your PC and C64 together. Load striketerm on the c64 and in the modem config section select “Null Modem”.

Load BBS server on the PC.

Settings for BBS Server:  Your IP address should be automatically filled in. Set telnet port to 23. Set com port to your com port on your PC that you’re using.  Set BBS settings to “not accepting calls”.

To use Strikelink or similar ttl/rs232 device (see here for details on how to build one):
Go to advanced / comms. Setup serial string should be 2400,N,8,1.  Set serial type to null modem.  Make sure all boxes on the pages comms, connecting, disconnecting, and diagnostics are ALL unchecked. On emulation, make sure allow outgoing calls and enable hayes emulation are the only ones checked. Go back to the main page by saving changes.

To use the EZ232 device, you can set your pc com port to 9600, set BBS Server to 9600,n,8,1, and use the up9600 driver in Striketerm to call at 9600 baud. Doppleganger still makes ez232 devices, and they work great! I have mine with a null cable running to a serial-> usb device and it works fine.

6 thoughts on “Connecting to C= BBSes

  1. I would like to dial with my comet without having it dependent on the pc for changes. i wish to dial with just an ethernet hook up. Is there support coming to perform this task with no rs232 connection to pc etc?

  2. Hello Alwyz.. Finding out what the issue is. Been working with Goog from commodore server. Turns out that when you dial a dns name on my machine with striketerm it adds spaces in front of dns address. If you use the winconfig tool and delete the spaces in front of the dns name it works. What would cause this? very close to getting it working.. thx walldog

  3. Hi i have a retro replay rrnet cartridge and been using guruterm-beta 1 but there is no fie transfer/download were as striketerm2014 does and ive been told its compatible with the retro replay rrnet? Please can you tell me what modem to select once its loaded on a stock c64 and do i leave the protocol to Zmodem?
    Any help is much appreciated as i’d really like to use striketerm with my rrnet cart.

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