Q-Link FAQ

Q. What do I need to connect to QuantumLink?
A. All you need are a Commodore 64 or 128 computer, a disk drive, a null modem cable, a Commodore serial interface, and Quantumlink software.
Q. Is Quantum Link really easy to use?
A. Yes, you can do virtually anything you wnat simply by reading the colorful easy-to-understand menus.  You don’t have to memorize any passwords or special commands, as your Q-Link software will take care of that for you.
Q. What are Online Messages and E-Mail?
A. Online Messages are private messages (ie:IMs) that are sent instantly to another Q-Link member who is online.  An Online Message will appear in a yellow box at the top of the screen of the person to whom the message was sent.
Email is a private message that is sent to another Q-Link member’s mailbox to be read later at his/her convenience. Because the message is stored in a mailbox, you may send E-Mail to any Q-Link member, even if he/she is not currently online.
Both Online Messages and E-Mail can be sent by selecting the Q-Link Post Office.
Q. When the word “MAIL” is lit  up at the bottom right corner of my screen, how do I read the waiting mail?
A. You can read waiting E-Mail by selecting the Q-Link Post Office and then selecting “Read Waiting E-Mail.”
Q. How do I cancel messages in the box on my screen?
A. Press F5 to remove the box from your screen.
Q. How do I get a menu on my screen?
A. Press F7 to get a menu.  (If you happen to have an online message on your screen, you’ll need to press F5 to cancel the message prior to getting a menu.)  To make a selection from the menu, use the Up/Down Cursor key to position the cursor (,/) next to the desired item, and then press the Select key (F1)
Q. What is downloading and uploading?
A. Both downloading and uploading refer to the transfer of software over the internet.  Downloading is the process of taking a progarm or file which is stored on Q-Link and saving it to your own disk for later use.  Q-Link has over 4,000 programs available in the COMMODORE SOFTWARE SHOWCASE for you to download and keep.
Uploading is the same process but in reverse — instead of taking programs from Q-Link, you submit them.  Q-Link members often upload their own programs to our software library so that other members can download them.
Detailed instructions for both downloading and uploading are posted online in the COMMODORE SOFTWARE SHOWCASE.
Q. Can I create additional user names?
A. Yes.  To create additional user names for members of yoru family, go to online CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER and select “Add/Delete User Names.”
Q. How do I save information on my screen to disk, or print it?
A. If you would like to save an item on Q-Link for future use (for example, an article from the encyclopedia) all you have to do is press the SAVE key (F3) while you are viewing the desired information.  The text will be saved to your disk (you should have a formatted disk ready; files should not be saved to your Q-Link disk.)  You can only save one item at a time.  Each item is limited to 85 lines, and will be saved as a sequential file.
After the information is saved and you will disconnect from Q-Link, you can review the information or print it by using most word processors.  Or, you can use the sequental file reader/printer program call “Sprint” located on your Q-Link disk.  To use it, type LOAD”SPRINT”,8  (press RETURN) then type RUN (and press RETURN).
Q. What can I do if the conversation in PEOPLE CONNECTION is moving too fast for me?
A. You can cursor key to scroll backwards or forwards anywhere within Q-Link.  To review the last couple minutes of conversation, press the SHIFT and CURSOR keys down at the same time, and the screen will start scrolling backwards.  To return to the most recent line of conversation, let go of the SHIFT key and press only the CURSOR key.   You’ll then scroll forwards.

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