CCGMS 2021 Released!

As good as it gets, pretty much.

NEW in v2021:

  • Punter stack and Unlisted dialer bugs have been eliminated
  • Support in autodialer for Zimodem and related WiFi device firmware that prefer an ATD prefix to ATDT.

As always, Easyflash cartridge version with save/load phonebook from cart option available

To set up your Ultimate for Swiftlink emulation:

– ACIA / Swiftlink on.
– DE00/NMI
– CTS Active (low)
– Command interface off if you want to use the 64k REU Buffer. (looks like there may be conflicts)
– Cartridges off (Swiftlink uses DE00 cartridge area)
– In CCGMS, Set modem to Swift / Turbo DE, and baud rate to 38400.

What is here:

  • Pretty much anything you could want in a modern C64 Terminal program
  • 40 column Color Graphics Petscii / Ascii / Ansi terminal modes
  • Punter / Multi-Punter / Xmodem / Xmodem-CRC File Transfers
  • Support for User Port / UP9600 / Swiftlink serial devices
  • Baud Rates from 300-38.4k
  • 17XX REU Buffer 64k Support
  • Easyflash Cartridge Phonebook / Configuration load/save
  • Autodialer phonebook to store all of your BBS addresses, user names, and passwords
  • DOS Wedge with support for drives #8-30
  • Macros, Screenshots, Themes, and lots of little extras
  • NTSC and PAL compatible for proper user port timing.

What isn’t here:

  • RR-Net Support.
  • IDE64 Compatibility.
  • 80 Column Emulation.
  • Protocols for XModem-1k / YModem / ZModem / HModem
  • Support for devices other than a 17XX REU, Easyflash, and Swiftlink which use the cartridge port (Lt. Kernal I’m looking at you)
  • 100% support for hardware acceleration devices (SuperCPU etc). Certain conditions may affect file transfer handshake timing.

This is my final version of CCGMS. As I’ve found all of the bugs I’ve been able to find, and added all the features I wished to add, I will no longer be maintaining this program or running the support BBS for it, Afterlife. Source code is in the download link for those who wish to take over and add more features.

Get it here:


C-Net DS2 v2.5 Swiftlink Driver Alpha

I did this several months back and have done some testing with it. I tested it with the Vendetta crack of v2.5c. It changes C-Net DS2 v2.5c to work with a Swiftlink for speeds of 38.4kbps. It seems to work well, but I’ve already forgotten what I’ve done to make it work, so if you wish to test this, you are on your own. I won’t be supporting this or offering help for it. I’m not even really sure what I did other than replace the rs232 routines with swiftlink ones and some basic code that handles carrier detect. All I know is that it seems to work, might have some bugs, and if that’s the case, then you’re on your own to solve them.

Also y2k fix is included. Again this is probably buggy, but it works fine in my tests.

CCGMS 2020 Released!

The latest version is here! This is a massively re-written and extensively tested version. No new features, but tons of improvements and optimizations under the hood:

  • All modem drivers re-written to work the way they are supposed to! (I learned a lot since 2017)
  • Punter and X-modem now incorporate flow control, speeding up transfers and minimizing errors
  • Added “99” counter to phonebook for busy board re-dials
  • Improved F2 file send / F4 buffer send routine. Faster and more reliable.
  • Saved 10 blocks! More room for buffer captures!
  • Ultimate driver has been removed, as Ultimate devices now have Swiftlink emulation with latest firmware update.

As always, Easyflash cartridge version with save/load phonebook from cart option available

To set up your Ultimate for Swiftlink emulation:

– ACIA / Swiftlink on.
– DE00/NMI
– CTS Active (low)
– Command interface off if you want to use the 64k REU Buffer. (looks like there may be conflicts)
– Cartridges off (Swiftlink uses DE00 cartridge area)
– In CCGMS 2020, Set modem to Swift / Turbo DE, and baud rate to 38400.

What isn’t here:

  • RR-Net. If someone wants to get me an RR-Net driver in 64tass format, I’ll take a look at adding this.
  • IDE64 Compatibility. We are actively working on this, and hope to have an IDE64 fixed version available.
  • 80 Column Emulation. No plans for this at this time.
  • Protocols for X-Modem-1k / Y-Modem / Z-Modem / H-Modem. No plans for these at this time.

Get it here:


CCGMS Ultimate Released!

Only a few weeks into 2019, and I’ve already made the follow-up to CCGMS 2019. Announcing CCGMS Ultimate! As the name implies, the latest major feature is full compatibility with the C64 Ultimate / Ultimate II+ Ethernet connection. Also some minor tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes in several other parts of the program. From what I can tell, this is about as good as I can get it. This includes the full program with all the drivers for all the modem types, so, no matter which modem type you are using, please upgrade your copy of CCGMS 2019 and use this instead.


– C64 Ultimate / Ultimate II+ Ethernet Drivers
– Increased Buffer Area
– Improved Punter Reliability
– Minor tweaks / bug fixes

Easyflash cart version includes all the bugfixes and tweaks, but of course, does not include the Ultimate drivers, for obvious reasons 🙂


C-Net DS2 v2.5c – y2k fix and wifi modem settings

This is the same as the cracked version from Vendetta, with boot file fix, y2k fix, enhancements for wifi modems like the Strikelink WiFi (make sure to add/connect the DCD pin on the C64 to D4 on the nodemcu for Strikelink WiFi use). Still only 2400 baud, but tested and working. I may take a shot at adding Swiftlink drivers for faster speed in the future. I’ve already hacked the ml and know how the modem drivers work, just a matter of seeing if it plays nice with other modem types. The 2400 baud routines that originally come with this version of DS2 are the proper George Hug 2400 baud routines, so it’s solid at 2400.

For original sysops who don’t want to use files from the Vendetta release, heres the y2k fix information.

In ml-2577, change the following bytes:

a479 – change #$b1 to #$b2
a47a – change #$ba to #$b0
a080 – change #$90 to #$20


C-Net Dongle Cracked!

UPDATE: An original DS-2 11.6 disk has been confirmed to boot with this dongle. Thanks for sending that info in.

Thanks to Hoy Brothers from 13th Floor BBS for sending me the results of tests on an original C-Net dongle. Between that, some cryptic info I found on old comp.sys.cbm posts, and lots and lots of testing, I figured it out.

This should allow all those oldschool sysops who lost their original dongles (like me) to load their original C-Net disks again. Should work with various versions. Not sure about C-Net 128, but I’d love feedback from anyone who tries this to confirm different versions it runs on. My original C-Net 12.0 runs fantastic now.

Parts needed: 4.7k ohm resistor (1/4 watt should be fine), 10uf non-polarized capacitor (5v minimum rating i assume), 1n4148 diode (the cheap ones you used to get in batches from radio shack), and a female 9-pin serial connector (for the joystick port).

Using the diagram on

Connect pin 7 to pin 9

Pin 5 -> 4.7k ohm resistor -> Pin 9

Pin 5 -> 10uf Non-polarized Capacitor -> Pin 9 (the resistor and capacitor run in parallel)

Pin 1 -> Anode of Diode – Cathode of diode -> Pin 5

That’s it. Let me know how this works out for you. Remember it plugs into port 2.

Versions confirmed so far:

DS-2 11.6


Connecting to BBSes under Windows Vice 3.1

Well, I finally figured it out, and it wasn’t that complex after all.

In Windows Vice 3.1, make these settings in RS-232 Settings

ACIA Settings -> Off (Do not enable ACIA)
Userport Settings -> Device 1 -> 2400 Baud
RS232 Settings -> Device 1 -> 192.168.0.xx:25232

The xx is your local machine IP. (In windows, check Ethernet Settings -> Hardware Properties -> IPv4 Address)

Then get tcpser going with these settings in command prompt:

tcpser -v 25232 -p 6400 -s 2400 -l 4

Load CCGMS, use User Port 300-2400 and 2400 baud settings.

As with all versions of vice, file transfers do not work. If you want to upload and download programs, get a real c64. 🙂 Or use CGTerm.


CMBBS 7.01

Download link

I modded CMBBS to 2400 baud (works with the Strikelink WiFi!) and added multiple drive/partition/sd2iec folder support. Multiple U/D Drives, fixes to the user account system to make it more stable. There’s a few bugs. Check out the docs file for what to fix and some other features. The source is included. Sorry, I’m not offering support but if you have a major problem, let me know.