CCGMS 2017 Beta


Proudly announcing

CCGMS 2017 Beta

Modz by Alwyz


– User Port / UP9600 / Swiftlink / Turbo232 / Comet64 support
– 300-38400 Baud
– 17xx REU Autodetect (makes the buffer 64k in size)
– Improved Phone Book with ip/port/user id/password support
– Ansi Colors
– Themes (based on previous hacks of ccgms)
– Drive #8-15 support
– sd2iec/uIEC support
– Bug Fixes from previous CCGMS versions patched (xmodem bugs/user port 2400 baud)

Current known issues in this beta:

– Comet64 dialer not implemented (next version of Comet will have new command set)
– Ansi Escape Codes not finished. Ansi Colors are working.
– Hang up routine needs to be improved. Fixed in Beta 3.
– Carrier Detect routine needs to be improved. Fixed in Beta 3.
– Swiftlink has some hang issues with multi-punter transfers.
– – Fixed in Beta 2. Swiftlink flow control was messing with grabbing the headers.
– up9600 multi-punter upload not working. fixed in beta 4
– up9600 phonebook carrier detect not right. fixed in beta 4
– up9600 not initializing when loading on startup if saved in phonebook config. fixed in beta 4.
– bbs systems with 5 digit port numbers were dialing incorrectly. fixed in beta 5.
– bbs systems that answer but then give a busy message now detect as busy in phonebook. added in beta 5. might still be buggy. please test!
– swiftlink not playing well with bbs server as modem emulator. tcpser seems to work ok. to be fixed in the future.
– up9600 uploads would sometimes crash/hang indefinitely during transfer. fixed in beta 6.
– the f2 send seq file command had bugs on both swiftlink and up9600 modems. fixed in beta 6.
– f4 buffer load and transfer crashed in up9600 randomly. fixed in beta 6.
– users with CMD SuperCPU couldn’t use upload/download. SuperCPU support will be working in beta 7.
– Making a macros too long botches the macros next to it. Need to put limits on macros length. To be fixed in beta 7.

Send bug reports and feature requests to I would like to get as many bugs patched and features added as possible before the final version is released.

Note to Wi-Fi Modem users: Make sure flow control at-command is issued before using 9600 baud.

EasyFlash 3 edition coming soon!


Latest Beta Versions can be downloaded from Afterlife BBS

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