Q-Link Patcher v1.3 Alpha

In the interest of allowing more people to enjoy Quantum Link Reloaded, I’ve made a program that patches the Q-link Disk to have the following abilities:

– 2400 baud on the user port
– 2400 baud via Swiftlink
– Use of any drive # besides drive 8 and disabled 1541 fastload.

Download link

There’s some bugs in this. The patcher causes Q-Link to not work on my particular sd2iec setup in anything other than the People Connection area (I get a disk error message when switching to another area), but on my other system it works 100% perfectly. So I need people to help test this out and tell me what they experience with their setup so I can pinpoint what external factors are causing this issue.

You must load and run the patcher from the same device # you’re going to be patching, so if you have an sd2iec as drive #10, for example, you need to also load the patcher program from drive #10, then switch to the d64 image of your Q-link disk before running. Planning on changing this for future versions.

This will only work with a .d64 image or 1541 formatted floppy. It will not work with a 1581 disk or .d81 image, or a raw directory on an sd2iec type system, as Q-link stores user data in the directory track #18 and expects it to be there next time it loads. I’d like to get this modified for a future version, where Q-Link would store all data in an actual program file on the disk.

You need to get a QuantumLink.d64 disk image from Q-link.net to run Q-link.

Initial Q-Link Reloaded First Time Setup (The simple version):

  • Use Patcher to disable 1541 Fastload and SD2IEC Fix (if needed)
  • Set your modem to 1200 baud. (Or 2400 if using Swiftlink)
  • Load Q-Link
  • Select “Connect to Qlink” from the initial Welcome screen
  • Change modem type to the bottom option (Other Command Driven Modems)
  • Change Access Number to +5551212 (This isn’t important, just needs to have something there with a + and 7 digits mimicing a phone number).
  • Load Q-Link
  • At the green screen, type atdtq-link.net:5190 and hit F1 when you connect. (If using Swiftlink, apply patch now before dialing).
  • If using 2400 baud user port patch, sign up for Q-Link at 1200 baud, then apply the patch after your first call. The 2400 baud user port patch crashes Q-link on the initial sign up but works fine once you already have an account.

Download the patcher here.

14 thoughts on “Q-Link Patcher v1.3 Alpha

  1. I guess I am unsure of how to use the patch. I have a sd2iec device that I load my *.d64 file with FB (file browser). So it looks like I am suppose to place QuantumLink.d64 in the root directory of the sd2iec device along with qlink patcher 1-3.d64. Then load the qlink patcher and use Patcher to disable 1541 Fastload and SD2IEC Fix. Then set my CCGMS to 1200bps. Load QLink ..
    I am guessing it has to do with me using FB (file browser). I guess I just have to loaded it manually with commands off the sd2iec device.

    • What i do is put them both in the root directory. So you have quantumlink,.d64 and qlinkpatcher.prg there.. Load qlink patcher, then open15,10,15,”cd/quantumlink.d64″:close15, then run

      • I’m really not getting this… maybe not a good first retro C64C task. LoL. I can get into one of the images, but can’t see how to run patcher while in the qlink d64. I hate to ask, but can you give it at idiot step by step level?

      • Yeah cause it was beta i didnt make it super user friendly… so…. make sure you got a working qlink disk image, and you can sign in to qlink and all that. Dont patch it for 2400 baud before you have an account. theres a bug in qlink reloaded with 2400 on user creation. but once you are a member of qlink, its all good… you can patch it for sd2iec at any time… anyway… load the patcher program – dont type run…, then attach the d64 in vice or with an sd2iec, cd///qlink.d64 – that kind of thing – BEFORE you type RUN. then the disk image you need to patch is already attached and ready to go.

      • Well, the patcher let it launch from the sd2iec which it would not do before, but I cannot enter an access number as it doesn’t respond to the number keys. Strange, every other thing works with cursor keys and such.

      • access number should be +5551212 … if you dont type the + it may not respond to any keys… just make that the number, then manually dial when you’re loaded and on the green screen. atdtq-link.net:5190 .. then when it says connect, hit F1 …

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